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Temecula Handyman Job Or Not?

The honest fact is: all homes need periodic maintenance and repairs to keep it safe and functional. Your primary goal after is safety is to prevent major structural damage and retaining your home’s attractiveness. Many repairs can be made by the Homeowner with basic tools and skills while some, like drywall or carpentry repairs, may require more advanced skills and a wider variety of tools as well as expertise.

Drywall repairs require a certain amount of talent.  When done incorrectly, it can leave unsightly marks on your wall that no amount of paint or faux finish will remedy. The crown molding ‘seemed’ like an easy enough job but the Homeowner quickly realizes he just doesn’t have what it takes to get those corners flush.

Handyman Job-and good intentions

Many Homeowners decide to undertake what they consider to be a do it yourself weekend project. JCapp Services in Temecula gets calls from individuals who have had the best of intentions, but have come to the realization that they don’t actually have the right tools, skill level, or even the time to complete the job.

Don’t be afraid to call us at to pick up where you left off. We understand your desire to do it yourself, we understand the need to budget expenses and we understand your good intentions. Often times the notion of it being a weekend project isn’t necessarily the case when Monday comes around and you realize that just isn’t enough time.  Now with the new week at hand, you see your home is turned upside down and the unfinished job is driving everyone to distraction.

Whether you are looking to finish a big project that has been bugging you, or you have accumulated a list of small repairs, we can help! We are always trying to save money ourselves, and thus want to save our customers the most money possible. Contact us today for your repair job or to complete your “honey-do” list.

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